MKV-0001 – More than Dream, Star and Sun Mai Hagiwara

27 February 2004


This is her debut video where she sucks & fucks on screen for the first time, her maiden shoot. Mai Hagiwara 萩原舞 started as a gravure model aged 18 in year 2000 & released several amazing photobooks. She managed to garner a great following in asia as one of the hottest new models with big boobs. In 2004, she entered the adult entertainment industry.

Media Information

File Name:
2004.02.27 MKV-0001 60mins Mai Hagiwara – More than Dream, Star and Sun.mov

Featuring: Mai Hagiwara (萩原舞)
Produced by: Milk (みるくる)
File Size: 1.6GB

Release Date: February 27, 2004
Product ID: MKV-0001
Length (Mins): 60mins

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