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JAV Now | September 27, 2020

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Iconiq makes comeback as Yumi Ito, poses nude

Title: Iconiq makes comeback as Yumi Ito, poses nude
Title (Jap): Unknown

We are pleased to report the comeback of long-forgotten model and singer Iconiq.

Iconiq swept into the public eye in 2010 with a campaign for Shiseido’s line of Maquillage cosmetics, showing her face and trademark cropped hair. It was a brilliant look.

She was marketed as a mystery woman and little information was released about this apparent star-in-the-waiting.

No one seemed to know who she was but everyone predicted big things for her.

Some investigation by the tabloids revealed that Iconiq is Korean-Japanese, like a large number of celebrities in Japan. In fact, Iconiq was a member of the South Korean girl group Sugar, which debuted in 2002, before transforming into a model for Shiseido back in her native Japan.

She tried to follow this up with releases as a solo singer in Japan, achieving partial success.

And then she disappeared. She reportedly had some agency troubles, which stunted her career just as it was getting started.

Now she’s back, on the wrong side of thirty (she was born in 1984) and trying to re-ignite her career as an actress.

What better to go about it than by posing nude?

She has had many names (including Ayumi) but now goes by Yumi Ito (she couldn’t go by Ayumi Ito, since there’s already an actress with that name — and she looks great in the buff, too!). How long will this career second life last?

Hey, if it doesn’t go well, she could always take things to the next level: the hair nude!

Iconiq makes comeback as Yumi Ito, poses nude
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